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Some people ride bicycles for commuting, some for sports. Other people ride to explore the world and absorb their surroundings. No matter the reason for choosing to cycle, riders always look for refined, unique, and stylish gadgets to improve the joy of biking and to make it safer.

We are a team of passionate cyclists - like you.

Biking in the mountains, riding around town, and daily training after work; like you, we enjoy all aspects of cycling. We enjoy the speed, the challenge of long distance rides, the freedom and sense of accomplishment from an overnight adventure, and the convenience of commuting. Whatever the riding style or conditions, we design our products to support our journey with safety and style. We design our products from our experience.

Our small crew has combined several decades of international work experience in electronic, mechanical and bicycle design fields. In 2010, we started working on our first design with the concept of wrapping them in a refined form. Our team has a simple goal - design durable gear that makes cycling fun, safe, and stylish.

GUEE [pronounced gooey] is like the cheesy topping on a pizza; a versatile ingredient that completes the flavor. It is a necessary and enjoyable part of the whole; a small but vital part of the experience. A little extra can make a big difference, just like that cheese on your pizza.

Today, GUEE offers a full range of bicycle lighting and gadgets and although the GUEE team has expanded, we are still a small business at heart with a core of cycling enthusiasts. We bring this enthusiasm to our work of designing, developing and bringing new innovative cycling products to you.