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Bikezac is an innovative Danish product, which has considered the environment in the design and production. The Bikezac is a shopping bag aimed at cyclist usage through several functions embedded in the design.

The benefit for the cyclist is to use the Bikezac like any other shopping bag while shopping and to prevent an unbalanced bike with a shopping bag hanging on the handlebars. When the Bikezac is not in usage, it can be folded and carried in a bag. After the cyclist has been shopping, the Bikezac hangs it on the luggage rack with hooks.

If the cyclist wants to an elastic band closes the Bikezac for avoiding the content to fall out. The Bikezac is manufactured in recycled plastic, woven polypropylene, which is made of recycled soda bottles. . One can carry 13 kg. The measurements are 40 x 45 x 18 cm.

Material: Bikezac is made of the durable material Woven pp.

Design: Green base color, black rail, orange closeing elastic band and Bikezac logo.

Dimensions: 40x45x18

Carrying capacity: 13 kilo

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