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Green Oil CF3 Re-usable Lube Spray

Green Oil

Green Oil CF3 Re-usable Lube Spray


The CF3 re-usable lube spray lets you spray Green Oil onto your bike. It can also be used with White, or Clean Chain degreaser. It uses air pressure rather than harmful propellants:

- No VOCs
- No isobutane
- Incredible spray performance
- Easy to use

Why use a CF3?
Every workshop has a spray can these days. Simply, its quick and easy to spray lube onto a bike when servicing it.
However, most spray cans are difficult to recycle, and they contain numerous toxic nasties, including PTFE/Teflon.

This is not only bad for 'the environment', but the immediate workshop environment, and therefore your health. Other spray lubes specifically say, 'only use in a well ventilated area' because they are so harmful. Yet, in most workshops, the windows cannot be open all the time - it would get cold. So staff in workshops breath in the stuff, and suffer lung damage.

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